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  • Interactive learning for childrenInteractive learning for children that builds self worth and confidence.

  • Services provided in North Shore, MA.


I provide experiential learning opportunities for children who are neurodivergent, autistic and/or suffering from a brain injury.

I believe children learn best when they are engaged, the topic is relevant, and the material is fun. I provide relationship-based therapeutic services for children who are neurodivergent, autistic and/or suffering from a brain injury. Everyone has the power to heal if shown a way. Through experiential learning and sensory integration, the child begins to feel and understand sensory information from the environment and body.


I help children - ages 8 to 22 - who are neurodivergent, autistic and/or suffering from a brain injury. I like the term, "differently abled."

All children have gifts. Children who who are neurodivergent, autistic and/or suffering from a brain injury often a) do not have the adapted tools necessary to create and b) do not have representative role models that encourage them to try new things. These are the programs that I offer to help them grow and learn.

I offer sound workshops where students explore sound and investigate sounds in nature with field equipment. I also offer a digital storytelling workshop where they learn how to interview another person. I provide equipment and instruction on how to use audio and video equipment

Audio and Video Workshops

As a U.S. Coast Guard Captain and instructor, I offer sailing trips that may or may not include instruction. The purpose is to allow children to feel safe and try sailing. The boat is a keel boat so it is very stable and secure. Usually a session is 2 hours on the boat. Students have opportunities to steer the boat and trim sails as well as “how to find your way.”

More About Boats & Navigation

As a PATH Therapeutic Horse Riding Instructor, I offer private lessons with the fundamental goal to allow children to learn how to connect with horses in a safe environment. Activities include problem solving, relationship building and observation. Students learn horsemanship skills through both groundwork exercises and eventually learning to ride a horse, although this is not a requirement. A student can connect with a horse on the ground or by riding. Each session is tailored to the student's needs.

Therapeutic Horse Riding

Garden therapy tends to release stress, alleviate depression, improve creativity, promote positive emotions, and improve motor skills. I offer classes and workshops on growing food and flowers that are kid friendly and fun. The classes focus on the power of food and nutrition. Also we learn about how to grow food indoors that can be enjoyed during winter months.

Indoor Food Systems & Growing Mushrooms

All About Boats & Navigation
Indoor Food Systems & Growing Mushrooms
Audio and Video Workshops
Therapeutic Horse Riding

I am an educator that provides experimental learning opportunities for children with sensory processing disorders, in North Shore, MA. I can help!


Give your children alternatives and allow them to flourish.

My programs focus on creating and developing content to engage children with experiential learning that is relevant, fun and builds confidence.

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