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Hear this

Nikola Tesla knew this. The ancients knew. Sound is healing. We are bombarded with noise each day. Noise is a mash-up of vibrations designed to create fear and destroy equilibrium. We thrive when we are in equilibrium.

There are over 7,000 satellites orbiting the Earth. Musk’s SpaceX owns the majority with 2,162 satellites, with plans to add more. No one really knows the impacts to us and the natural world. One thing is certain: satellites are sending electromagnetic waves to the Earth's surface. These are not sound waves.

Enter Logan, the horse. I have the privilege to work with him on a weekly basis (see previous posts). I have always been curious about horses’ senses — they have more sense! They hear, smell, feel and observe with much more clarity than a human.

Thanks to the owners/ caretakers of Logan, I have been exploring sound with him. In sum, he loves it! Always, I introduce new sounds and new concepts in small doses. In this short video, I offered him a 174 hertz therapeutic tuning fork as a way to relax. I slowly moved the tuning fork along his spine to reduce any soreness. It is like a massage without physical touch.

Without being on cross ties, I give him the option to move away if he experiences discomfort. Instead, he turned his head towards me and licked his lips. All good signs that he was pleased.

Sound healing is accessible to all and offers multiple benefits to the nervous system, immune system and physical injuries. As a therapeutic horse riding instructor and educator, I offer sound as a way for my students to explore. We don’t have to be experts. We have to be curious and attentive. In a noise filled world, sound can offer relief and peace.

If you are curious to learn more for you, your child, or your horse, you may schedule a free zoom call with me.

May you find peace this holiday season. You deserve it!

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