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Our many lives in one life

I listened. A few of you suggested that I go visit Patou after I wrote about him in my post, “An old friend.” I am happy to report that Patou is living his dream. He is a barn favorite at UpReach Therapeutic Equestrian Center where he has been since 2019. He has many friends, both human and four-legged.

When I went to visit him, he was napping with his head hanging over the stall door. He and his friends were outside all night. He has a beautiful paddock on the top of a hill with grassy fields. After this visit, I now call him King Patou.

Instead of tackling King Patou with my arms and hands, and talking to him with human language, I stood by his side and just soaked up his life. King Patou is right where he is supposed to be. He reached over to say hello and went back to napping before his first lesson of the day.

King Patou is such a good teacher. He lived through all his previous experiences and waited patiently to find his dream home. He did not sway from his mission. He did the work, showed up, and watched the daily drama with entertainment.

There is a waitlist for who gets King Patou for his forever home after he retires from UpReach. It is a false perception to think good things happen to those who are good. That is not accurate.

Patou’s message to us (and me as I stood next to him): Be still and listen to the truth.

The world offers meaningless traps, distractions, glitter and nonsense. Patou maneuvered around the obstacles to find the truth. His final career is working as a therapy horse at a beautiful center in New Hampshire with many people who love him. (BTW: he still loves to do some jumping occasionally).

Basically, he continues to do what all horses do so well. He stays present, does not judge and adapts to his surroundings. The world is always changing. We wear many costumes and outfits. The days of our lives twist and turn. Yet, we have one life, on one planet with one purpose. Stay true, says Patou.

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