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We support each other

You do not have to feel alone. It is not a requirement to be alone. Yet, so many of us feel this way. Do you ever tell yourself that you will be tougher if you can do it alone? Or what about this one, “if you want the job done right, do it yourself.”

For me, these are illusions and more accurately, delusions. Whenever I am working with or riding horses, I never feel alone. I put the horse first. When I do this, they help me discover what I cannot see.

As prey animals, they are always watching to determine if the situation is safe or dangerous. They can detect what I am feeling and sensing before I can identify what I am feeling. If you are lucky, like me, they will mirror you.

I love this photo shared by the mother of one of my students. I was not aware of what was occurring until I studied this photo. We are supporting each other. I am supporting the student by holding his arm. The student is grabbing my vest pocket for support. And Tully the pony is trying to hold on to the groom brush with his mouth.

When working with horses and children, be ready for surprises or you will miss them. This circle of support may seem to some like it should be expected. This should always happen. Guess what? It is rare to see outside of a lesson in my experience. It is more apparent now, with the amount of fear people are riddled with. This young four year old student is facing his fears. He is now trotting Tully. This even surprised him. A couple weeks ago he was not sure if he wanted to ride.

We are allowed to support each other. We can ask for support. Tully and I knew instinctively that this young boy needed support without him asking us. We could see his determination to conquer the illusion of fear. Feeling alone is the same. It is an illusion. Look at this photo if in doubt.

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