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Camron Adibi smiling patting a horse

Photo by Salamander Studios


With education, new ideas and behaviors can emerge. With coaching services, I help boost engagement and morale while finding ways to create an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered. 


Rudolf Steiner wrote, “Gratitude connects people with the world, makes them feel part of the world." Communities bring people together based on shared interests. I offer free community programs to connect people. 

Alternative therapies

I work with children, young adults and their respective collaborators. My goal is to identify, coordinate and implement services to overcome barriers to independence, personal fulfillment and participation in community life.

Equine Relationship Coach

Individual coaching and alternative therapeutic services for children who are autistic. Get in touch to book a free phone consultation today.

I provide experiential learning opportunities for children who are neurodivergent, autistic or managing a brain injury. Through experiential learning and sensory integration, the child begins to feel and understand sensory information from the environment and body. Discover alternative therapy programs below, or click to learn more about my philosophy.

"The world needs all  types of minds"

- Temple Grandin

Child on horseback
Child being led on horseback trotting
Horse with tuning fork
Equine-assisted therapy

As a PATH Therapeutic Horse Riding Instructor, I offer private lessons with the fundamental goal to allow children to learn how to connect with horses in a safe environment. problem solving, relationship building and observation. 

Sound therapy

Sound can bring your nervous system into balance, reduce stress, and integrate thought patterns into harmonic balance. I offer simple exercises and practices for others to discover how to integrate sound therapy in their lives.

Developmental therapy

Developmental therapy can have emotional and behavioral benefits, and can open doors to a range of interests and social opportunities. This includes play therapy, recreational therapy and social skills therapy.

Hands-on learning

Individual coaching focuses on engaging children with experiential learning that is relevant and fun. Additionally, parent and family workshops further educational support.

Essays & media

I also write in a variety of publications to support children and family learning outside of each session. Click below to read recent work.

Child, horse, and adult playing in grass


Education begins with curiosity. Everyone thinks, learns and communicates differently. I offer individual coaching for children, workshops for parents and workshops for families.

Horse with tuning fork
Horse with tuning fork

Bring learning home

BioSonic Tuning Forks are a great way to practice alternative therapy right in your own home. Sound healing has been shown to instantaneously alter your body's biochemistry—with the beginner's starter pack, you can learn more about sound healing while integrating science, sound, and spirituality.

What clients say

Camron is kind, patient, and dedicated; he takes the time to get to know his students, and weaves their personal interests into the lessons.  Working with Camron, my son has grown more confident and engaged, and always looks forward to their time together.  In equine therapy, Camron has done a wonderful job of fostering a connection between my son and the horse, and I love seeing the huge smile on my son's face while he rides.  Camron graciously shares knowledge and resources, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with him!"

- Jessica R.

Get in touch to schedule a free phone consultation

Man walking with horse
Man smiling with horse

Photos by Salamander Studios

Brain awareness

Brain awareness helps connect our minds and bodies. The free program is tailored to deepening the understanding of the brain and how we can better use this awareness in our day-to-day lives.

Farm job training

Farm job training brings children and adults into the world of farm and equine management. Participants will learn the inner workings of a horse farm, as well as care and maintenance.

Child and adult brushing horse


Free community programs, including brain awareness and farm job training, bring people of all ages and abilities together under a common goal.

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