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Interactive learning for children who are neurodivergent, autistic and/or managing a brain injury.

Services provided in North Shore, MA.


I provide experiential learning opportunities for children who are neurodivergent, autistic and/or managing a brain injury.

I believe children learn best when they are engaged, the topic is relevant, and the material is fun. I provide relationship-based therapeutic services for children who are neurodivergent, autistic and/or managing a brain injury. Everyone has the power to heal if shown a way. Through experiential learning and sensory integration, the child begins to feel and understand sensory information from the environment and body.

I am an educator that provides relationship-based therapeutic services for children who are neurodivergent, autistic and/or suffering from a brain injury, in North Shore, MA. I can help!


Give your children alternatives and allow them to flourish.

My programs focus on creating and developing content to engage children with experiential learning that is relevant, fun and builds confidence.

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Read what parents say about their children's learning experiences with me.

"Camron is kind, patient, and dedicated; he takes the time to get to know his students, and weaves their personal interests into the lessons.  Working with Camron, my son has grown more confident and engaged, and always looks forward to their time together.  In equine therapy, Camron has done a wonderful job of fostering a connection between my son and the horse, and I love seeing the huge smile on my son's face while he rides.  Camron graciously shares knowledge and resources, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with him!"
Jessica R.
"Camron offers individualized experiences that happen to end with a horse. He sculpts his services based on the child's needs. My son is autistic and he was initially too nervous to get near the therapy horse, so Camron worked with my son's strengths: his love of chickens, architecture, tools, and history. Eventually my son was so engaged and comfortable in the barn that he said yes to riding. He was ecstatic, and most importantly he learned that he could not only overcome a fear, but enjoy the outcome. Learning this flexibility and joy was wonderful to witness. I couldn't imagine a kinder and more gentle approach to teaching, not just about horses, but about life. Camron genuinely cares to learn about and teach his students."
Anne Marie O.
"We've only worked with Cam 2 times so far but we are SOLD. His calm demeanor, gentle disposition and constant encouragement have helped our daughter (and really our whole family) to feel comfortable. He is so knowledgeable about horsemanship and went at the speed our daughter needed, while pushing in gentle ways to help her grow. His mindful presence helped us to be very in the moment, a refreshing feeling. His guidance is helpful and encouraging, while giving you the opportunity to take the lead and experience self exploration. We cannot wait to continue our work with Cam!"
Laura P.

I help children - ages 4 to 22 - who are neurodivergent, autistic and/or managing a brain injury. I prefer the term, "differently abled."

All children have gifts. Children who who are neurodivergent, autistic and/or suffering from a brain injury often a) do not have the adapted tools necessary to create and b) do not have representative role models that encourage them to try new things. These are the programs that I offer to help them grow and learn.

As a PATH Therapeutic Horse Riding Instructor, I offer private lessons with the fundamental goal to allow children to learn how to connect with horses in a safe environment. Activities include problem solving, relationship building and observation. Students learn horsemanship skills through both groundwork exercises and eventually learning to ride a horse. A student can connect with a horse on the ground or by riding. Each session is tailored to the student's needs.


Therapeutic Horse Riding

Sailing is an excellent opportunity to engage neurodiverse children. Along with a parent or caregiver, a child can share their experiences and begin to find their own solutions. These experiences can enhance a child's abilities to self-regulate and develop top-down processing by the child. Each sailing outing is unique and tailored to the child. 


Therapeutic Sailing for Families

Sound sensitivity (known as hyperacusis) is common in autistic children. Some noises might make a child uncomfortable, especially loud or shrill noises, but many children are sensitive to quieter sounds. Sound is everywhere. Sound and noise are technically the same. Noise, however, is something that we can hear, but don’t necessarily want to hear. Sound therapy is an exploration with vibrations and eliminating the noise. 

Sound Therapy

Children with autism are 8 times more likely to have gastrointestinal issues compared to those who don’t have the condition. It is important to realize that the food you eat is either medicine or it is poison. It is either helping your brain, body, and mind or hurting them. Many of the symptoms of autism relate to sensory integration. Also known as horticultural therapy, gardening has been shown to have a dramatic effect on individuals with autism, regardless of age.

Growing Food!

Therapeutic Sailing for Families
Growing Food!
Sound Therapy
Therapeutic Horse Riding
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