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Rudolf Steiner wrote, “Gratitude connects people with the world, makes them feel part of the world." Communities bring people together based on shared interests. I offer free community programs to connect people.

Horse with tuning fork

Brain awareness

This is a free virtual event! Each week, all are invited to a community conversation about “everyday brain life” topics. We differ from one another in our individual gifts, however, we are all interconnected. By developing awareness of our own brains and the brains of other people, we can expand our perceptions. We can connect more deeply with others, and experience belonging and acceptance. Brain Awareness is a weekly virtual education series. Get in touch here to learn more about free community programs and packages.

Man brushing horse

Farm job training

This innovative program helps train young adults and teenagers with autism the possible careers in the equine industry. In this group training, we will learn some of the most common jobs working with horses that include barn staff, groom, farm manager, horse trainer, farrier and veterinary technician. This training program is designed to help young adults and teenagers to explore career possibilities and learn more job related skills. Group size of four students max. Get in touch here to learn more about free community programs and packages.

"We've only worked with Cam 2 times so far but we are SOLD. His calm demeanor, gentle disposition and constant encouragement have helped our daughter (and really our whole family) to feel comfortable. He is so knowledgeable about horsemanship and went at the speed our daughter needed, while pushing in gentle ways to help her grow. His mindful presence helped us to be very in the moment, a refreshing feeling. His guidance is helpful and encouraging, while giving you the opportunity to take the lead and experience self exploration. We cannot wait to continue our work with Cam!"

- Laura P.

What clients say
Alternative therapies

I work with children, young adults and their respective collaborators. My goal is to identify, coordinate and implement services to overcome barriers to independence, personal fulfillment and participation in community life.

Essays & media

In addition to hands-on coaching and workshops, I also offer a variety of online educational resources to support children and families outside of each session. Click below to learn more about these unique resources.


BioSonic Tuning Forks are a great way to practice alternative therapy right in your own home. Sound healing has been shown to instantaneously alter your body's biochemistry—learn more about this unique product by clicking below.

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