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Education begins with curiosity. Everyone thinks, learns and communicates differently. With coaching services, I help boost engagement and morale while finding ways to create an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered. I offer individual coaching for children, workshops for parents and workshops for families.

Coaching services

My coaching focuses on engaging your children with experiential learning that is relevant, fun and builds confidence. I give your child alternatives that and allow them to flourish. Get in touch to schedule a free phone consultation and learn more about alternative therapy.

  • My coaching model focuses on creating  and developing activities and developing skills to engage children with experiential learning that is relevant, fun and builds confidence. Each session is catered to the child's interests. Learning independently can be challenging. With self-directed learning, we assess the current status, set learning goals, and engage in the learning process. Finally and most importantly, we evaluate with feedback and self-reflection. I provide written reviews of each session so parents can see progress.

  • With regular coaching sessions, the child will have more tangible strategies to regulate emotions, improve communication skills, learn to self advocate, learn new healthy behaviors, and feel more confidence in their abilities and strengths.

  • Click here to book a free phone consultation today and learn more about packages.

Man teaching child in horse barn
Child leading horse in field

Parent workshops

Being a parent is the toughest job that there is! So often, parents are working double time to address the child's needs. Sometimes just having another listen to their struggles offers new insights. Coaching for parents and guardians ensures that everyone understands their roles in their child’s development and growth. These sessions foster open communication so that parents and guardians have the same game plan to build self-esteem, set positive goals, and address deregulation and strategies to encourage regulation. Click here to book a free phone consultation and learn more about workshop and alternative therapy packages.

Children taught to lead horse

Family workshops

Families with children need more support to face a double burden. They often are trying to figure out what is best for their child’s unique needs, and on top of that dealing with the pressures of not being at the same stage as other able-bodied or neurotypical children. This puts incredible stress on the entire family unit. I identify the dynamics of the family relationships and give suggestions and feedback so they can all work well together. The ultimate goal is less time on solving problems and more quality time having fun together. Click here to book a free phone consultation and learn more about workshops and alternative therapy packages.

What clients say

"As a Marine Veteran of multiple wars, when we come out of that life, we find it difficult to find our place in the civilian world. Our mission has ended and we lack a purpose and place, while being reminded of a past life. With Equine-assisted therapy and training with Camron Adibi, I was introduced to Hugo, who is a rescue horse. Cam guided me on how to introduce myself to Hugo, how to approach slowly from the side, allowing Hugo to listen to me and showing him that I was safe and that I would not hurt him. Sometimes as veterans, we want to hear some of the same things. I brushed Hugo, cleaned him and ultimately walked him around. We both got exercise together. This gave me a sense of purpose. I felt a part of a team: Team David and Hugo. I felt like a leader again, and I slowly gained confidence as the time moved on. I felt the mission and purpose as we both made a beautiful connection. I know many other can benefit from such therapy and training. In this workd, talk therapy or other modalities might work for some. This type of connection and therapy can benefit the healing journey for those who want to learn about connecting with a horse. Thanks Cam and Hugo"

- David N.

What clients say

"My wife and I had one session with Cam, Hugo, Tenny and Delight. They taught us about different ways to communicate and transfer energies like trust, love and facing our fears. We both left there with more enthusiasm and hope than when we arrived with all the chaos going on in our lives right now. Thank you Cam for the experience of the horses and humans"

- Curt & Stacey.

What clients say

"Camron has skillfully guided my rescue horse, Tenny and me in overcoming some deeply rooted traumas and anxieties. His whole-horse approach to training is compassionate, insightful, and impressively effective. He helped me learn how to better communicate with my horse by understanding my energy and my horse's energy. I urge those who want to explore deeper connections with a horse to work with Camron!"

- Kate D.

What clients say

"Camron worked with my mare Freya for six weeks. During that time I’ve noticed she is more open to others in her space. Her gate has improved and she is starting to let go of the stress her body has been holding and relax. She has benefited both physically and emotionally from her sessions with sound therapy"

- Veronica A.

What clients say

"Camron is kind, patient, and dedicated; he takes the time to get to know his students, and weaves their personal interests into the lessons.  Working with Camron, my son has grown more confident and engaged, and always looks forward to their time together.  In equine therapy, Camron has done a wonderful job of fostering a connection between my son and the horse, and I love seeing the huge smile on my son's face while he rides.  Camron graciously shares knowledge and resources, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with him!"

- Jessica R.

What clients say

"Camron offers individualized experiences that happen to end with a horse. He sculpts his services based on the child's needs. My son is autistic and he was initially too nervous to get near the therapy horse, so Camron worked with my son's strengths: his love of chickens, architecture, tools, and history. Eventually my son was so engaged and comfortable in the barn that he said yes to riding. He was ecstatic, and most importantly he learned that he could not only overcome a fear, but enjoy the outcome. Learning this flexibility and joy was wonderful to witness. I couldn't imagine a kinder and more gentle approach to teaching, not just about horses, but about life. Camron genuinely cares to learn about and teach his students"

- Anne Marie O.

Community programs

Rudolf Steiner wrote, “Gratitude connects people with the world, makes them feel part of the world." Communities bring people together based on shared interests. I offer free community programs to connect people. 

Essays & media

In addition to hands-on coaching and workshops, I also offer a variety of online educational resources to support children and families outside of each session. Click below to learn more about these unique resources.


BioSonic Tuning Forks are a great way to practice alternative therapy right in your own home. Sound healing has been shown to instantaneously alter your body's biochemistry—learn more about this unique product by clicking below.

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