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Alternative therapies

I work with children, young adults and their respective collaborators. My goal is to identify, coordinate and implement services to overcome barriers to independence, personal fulfillment and participation in community life.

Equine therapy

As a PATH Therapeutic Horse Riding Instructor, I offer private lessons with the fundamental goal to allow children to learn how to connect with horses in a safe environment. Activities include problem solving, relationship building and observation. Students learn horsemanship skills through both groundwork exercises and eventually learning to ride a horse. A student has the option for mounted or unmounted lessons. Both have significant benefits. Each session is tailored to the student's needs. Get in touch to schedule a free phone consultation and learn more about alternative therapy packages.

  • Each session includes horsemanship skills, and may also include a mounted riding lesson. We focus on problem solving, relationship building, and more depending on the student's needs.

  • The PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor (CTRI) is a credential for individuals in the equine-assisted services profession who provide riding instruction of therapeutic value to people with disabilities. This may include mounted or unmounted work ethically partnering with an equine. CTRIs have met established criteria and standards of practice in the field. They have demonstrated their knowledge of disabilities, equines, teaching and human-animal interactions necessary for effective results.

  • Click here to book a free phone consultation today and learn more about alternative therapy packages.

Child on horseback
Horse with tuning fork

Sound therapy

Did you know you can tune your body with sound? Sound can bring your nervous system into balance, reduce stress, and integrate left and right brain thought patterns into harmonic balance. I offer simple exercises and practices for others to discover how to integrate sound therapy in their lives. Dr. John Beaulieu wrote, “Vibration, sound, and consciousness are fundamental manifestations of the universe that largely define the nature of existence and the structure and organization of everything that exists.” Click here to book a free phone consultation today and learn more about alternative therapy packages.

Child, horse, and man playing in grass

Developmental therapy

Developmental therapy can have emotional and behavioral benefits, and can open doors to a wide range of interests and social opportunities. This includes play therapy, recreational therapy and social skills therapy. Play is the basis for all learning. Play therapy can break down barriers and improve relationship building, creating a safe and motivating environment to explore. Recreational therapy uses recreational activities to help regain mobility and improve confidence. Activities may include doing puzzles and playing games, gardening, cooking, or outdoor activities. Social skills therapy focuses on building skills for conversation and social interaction. Click here to book a free phone consultation today and learn more about alternative therapy packages.

"Camron offers individualized experiences that happen to end with a horse. He sculpts his services based on the child's needs. My son is autistic and he was initially too nervous to get near the therapy horse, so Camron worked with my son's strengths: his love of chickens, architecture, tools, and history. Eventually my son was so engaged and comfortable in the barn that he said yes to riding. He was ecstatic, and most importantly he learned that he could not only overcome a fear, but enjoy the outcome. Learning this flexibility and joy was wonderful to witness. I couldn't imagine a kinder and more gentle approach to teaching, not just about horses, but about life. Camron genuinely cares to learn about and teach his students"

- Anne Marie O.

What clients say
Community programs

Rudolf Steiner wrote, “Gratitude connects people with the world, makes them feel part of the world." Communities bring people together based on shared interests. I offer free community programs to connect people. 

Essays & media

In addition to hands-on coaching and workshops, I also offer a variety of online educational resources to support children and families outside of each session. Click below to learn more about these unique resources.


BioSonic Tuning Forks are a great way to practice alternative therapy right in your own home. Sound healing has been shown to instantaneously alter your body's biochemistry—learn more about this unique product by clicking below.

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